Close up of the figures



Figured it would be nice to get close ups of all the figures.

I don’t know what to call the new figure. She’s made up of a few different figures. Scarlet’s (Rise of Cobra) head, Scarlet (Renegades) torso, Lady Jaye’s(50th) arms and Ninja Combat Viper’s legs.



Cover Girl’s face was one of the more satisfying things I’ve done in a while.  Blue eyes, great eye brows and decent lips. Considering my hands shake. It was miracle it came out. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Bride has actually been finished for a couple of week. Just like showing her off. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Daina from the Oktober Guard was a figure I wanted, but didn’t want to fork over a hundred dollars for her, so I made one for myself, but different enough to be happy with the end result. Lady Jaye(50th) torso, Scarlet (Renegades) arms, Scarlet(Rise of Cobra) legs. Sniper Rifle from Marauder’s Inc. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



With a huge excess Social Clash sets at Toys R Us, and finding heads casted of Daina from the October Guard, you too can make your own custom figure. Now the conumdrum for is which body to use for the custom? Lady Jaye with Scarlet arms or Scarlet and Ninja Combat Cruiser legs with Lady Jaye arms? The harness that came from the Social Clash Lady Jaye will end up being used.


10464082_10152923372957054_4011698278276963081_n 11062034_10152923372847054_7854933686217989277_n

Nightwing and Killer Croc


The Nightwing and Killer Croc two pack. Just seeing Nightwing in this pack he looks as tall as a LEGO mini-figure.

Killer Croc is at least six inches tall. Good amount of detail. It’s one of the few things that Mattel is good at is the six inch scale. But this figure doesn’t have much a of neck joint.


Nighwing in comparison to Killer Croc when he’s on the ground next to him.


Better detail view of the Nightwing. Good sculpture.  Great paint application.


Scale of Nightwing compared to a Doctor Who figure and the scale of a figure that looks more like me.


Doctor Who

I ordered/won an auction from eBay for a blue suited 10th Doctor Who figure. I ended up getting a brown suited Doctor Who figure with glasses and two right arms. I had to reverse the forearm and use another figure’s hand.

IMG_5983 IMG_5984