New figure




Decided to make a figure close to me. Used a Tunnel Rat torso and upper arms. Lower Kwinn arms and legs. I had to take all the boots off of the lower legs. Repainted the shirt to be red. Still need to make the belt and face right. The face on Agent Mouse was altered. Hair was brushed off the forehead and the hairline is receding. Just like mine.



Since IDW has brought back G.I. Joe, there have been two things that have really changed my opinion about some of the characters. One was Chuckles, the take on him was fantastic in the Cobra series. Second was the use of Mainframe. Really made something special with him. He went from support to main character. I think that had more to do with Dixon making him Scarlett’s boyfriend.

The breakdown of parts. Low Light lower legs, DG Shipwreck upper legs. 30th Hawk torso and arms. Head is a modified Clutch. beard taken off and the jaw taken in a bit with a rotary tool. The sling across his chest is from the 25th Mainframe.


Red Shadows Muton


There are a lot of small joints to paint on this thing. The body is from a Hammer Ground Assault Drone from Iron Man 2. The right arm is from a Hammer Weapons Assault Drone and the alternative head from the Combat Ninja from G.I. Joe Retaliation Wave 3.5.

Still working on converting Some of the Hammer Ground Assault Drones to be Something Cobra. I’d like to think that they would have been the upgrade for the A.S.P.