Moral dillema

In August I purchase a BAT (25th) off of eBay. Week goes by, not marked shipped. Another week goes by, finally marked shipped. Week and a half goes by tracking numbers are added. Week later, message seller. No response. Start a claim with eBay, still wanted item. eBay rules in my favor and refunded my money.

I figured that was that. Figure never shipped. Seller didn’t care, life goes on, so it goes.

Four days later, BAT shows up. Haven’t had a dumbfounded face like that in a long while.

I contact eBay, so I figure out how to pay buyer. They were dumbfounded that someone would actually call after eBay ruled in their favor and still received the item. They, after they had to actually ask around(I could hear them talking the background), found out that I would need to contact the seller to resend me an invoice. The seller agreed to resend the invoice so I could pay. I’ve left the BAT in it’s packaging.

It’s been a month since I received the BAT. A month since I contacted the seller. It’s still in the packaging.

Do I open it?

12 Vipers

My son’s want of Lego minifig urea from blind packs made me a kung fu master of Feel-Fu. The art of feeling figures. When wave 4 was announced and there was a Viper shown, I stated, “I’m buying that one up like he’s going out of style!” And I have.



First one is from a standard DSRL. The second from a GoPro. I was really hoping the GoPro would have been able to focus closer. The idea of being in the car looking out at two guys taking another out of the trunk is great. But alas, there is no close focus on the GoPro. LED lights from IKEA, they were $10 in the second chance area, are used for lighting