Back to the Bride

After taking a break on the Bride, I’m getting back to work on her. First coat of paint and seeing where the trouble spots for joint rub where I need to sand down. Also changed out her upper legs for Lady Jaye Retaliation so she’ll be taller. But those legs have to have primer because going from brown to yellow is a pain in the ass.

Speaking of pains in the ass… Working with yellow is a pain in the ass.


Cover Girl Near Done

It’s coming down the wire on Cover Girl. Torso, arms and legs have all shaped up to where I wanted them. All I need to do now is sand around her joints and reapply the paint so when they move the paint doesn’t rub off like what you can see in the photos.




Cover Girl & Daina

I finally got the head in for a Cover Girl custom and I made a trade for a casted Daina head. The bodies have been set for construction for a while, just needed the heads. And of course proper color for flesh.

Cover Girl’s parts had to be boiled to get rid of paint beading up from the mold release.