The Bride part 3

After looking at the pieces, there would have to be modifications to creating the Bride to make her work. Everything from torso to legs have to reworked the Bride to look like the Bride.

First up is the legs. The upper legs of Storm Shadow didn’t work. They were too wide to use. It wasn’t a simple option of using the knees on the upper legs. The lower legs had to be boiled and the knee pins popped. Swap out a the woman knees and placed it in on the lower Storm Shadow legs.

Neither did torso of Scarlett. The neck was too short for the Invisible Woman head. Rise of Cobra Covergirl neck is perfect, but requires some work to her torso. Breast pockets and ID badge has to be removed.

The only part of Scarlett that is usable are her forearms. Covergirl has bare forearms and doesn’t work with the track suit that Uma Thurman’s wears in Kill Bill. Boil, pop, reattach.

Here is a comparison between Scarlett, mockup Bride and Covergirl.


The Bride

Thanks to Jesse Farrell he’s convinced me to make The Bride from Kill Bill to go with the Pussy Wagon. We’re going to use Susan Richards head, ROC Stormshadow’s legs and ROC Scarlet’s torso and upper legs.


Ninja Combat Pussy Wagon Update

Where to begin… as it stands the gloss paint I applied was too much and is dripping. Now being in the family that I am, an extra toothbrush isn’t something on hand. Toothbrush and acetone to scrub off some of the excess paint and reapply more. Look like trying to track down a metal hanger would be a good idea as well.

Hang and paint over sit and paint.

A few days ago, there was the misfortune of using cotton balls and acetone to remove the paint. While it worked, it left excess cotton all over the frame. Before going forward, getting a cheap dollar store toothbrush or scrubber might be more suited for my needs. And excess acetone. My wife might string me up by my no-nos if I use all of hers. I like my no-nos.

Brock Sampson

Big Bang Pow! Has been producing Venture Brother figures for a while. It’s great to see then being produced, it seems that anything new is going to be a repaint of Brock Sampson. Two white shirts, black shirt and naked with tape over the Ken genitals. SDCC will have a new black shirt that has been damaged out later this month.