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Back to the Bride

After taking a break on the Bride, I’m getting back to work on her. First coat of paint and seeing where the trouble spots for joint rub where I need to sand down. Also changed out her upper legs for Lady Jaye Retaliation so she’ll be taller. But those legs have to have primer because going from brown to yellow is a pain in the ass.

Speaking of pains in the ass… Working with yellow is a pain in the ass.


Cross Country

G.I. Joe Collectors Club releases a figure with membership. This years figure was Cross Country, the driver for the HAVOC. The body is retooled from other figures with a new head and vest. The head is great and the vest is magical.

The head is sculpted with look more like the second season of G.I. Joe cartoon from the 80’s. Instead of the round butter face the original figure had. The figure even had a mullet. Yeah, a goddamn mullet. A great attention to detail that Boss Fight Studio is known for doing when they are hired to make toys.

Now the real thing that shines is the vest. The vest has revolver gun belt sculpted into the vest that hangs over the leg. Now the back has a strap empty hole area that could have been overlooked, but BFS, just added the detail and it’s small, but when you notice it, it’s magical.