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Huey Helicopter

My wife found this helicopter at a Bookman’s Bookstore. It’s wonderful 1:18 scale. I might go over it with a black wash to give it a good realistic feel.

She paid $12. Best deal ever.

She also found a Cobra Rage for $5 and there was the End or Attack set for $3.50. The boy took the Rage. On weekends we have battles and he has a complete lack of ground vehicles. This will help him and me since he has a ton of airships that move at fantastic angles.


A little bit of guilt

I won an auction for Trudy Chacon Avatar figure. That win was for one red cent, plus $11.50 for shipping. When I gets to me, it was in a box marked fragile. Beaten to high hell. You can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. The box marked ‘fragile’ but the box beaten to hell.

There are some people who aren’t going to be allowed to babysit. And they are at whatever sort station that handled this package.

When I opened the box, I found an acrylic box inside. Chacon had been graded, and she was graded at 90. Graded figures are collectables that you pay an independent service to check for blemishes and then toss into the equivalent of carbonite for that collectable.  And I paid a penny for a graded figure that I wasn’t going to let sit in a box for all eternity, possibly going mad like Stinky Pete.

Stinky Pete is going to unstitch a bitch.
Stinky Pete is going to unstitch a bitch.

I had no clue it was graded. I felt a little guilt for a getting this figure for a penny from a guy who must have paid at least $20 to get this figure graded. This says nothing of how much he paid for the figure initially(a look on eBay had her hovering about $40, Amazon is $20 more).

Now understanding all that, I feel a little bit of guilt opening up the figure. This guy put a ton of money and time into a figure that I ended up buying for shipping. From a movie that had most of her storyline ripped out. In the deleted scenes, she and the weird game developer who talked like a robot in Grandma’s Boy(Joel David Moore) end up together, even giving them a sex scene. Maybe a first and last for Moore.

I got further than Vin Diesel!

But here we are, a Trudy Chacon, Michelle Rodriguez, action figure. Still in the acrylic as of this writing, May 29th, 2015, waiting for me to open her up, placing her with Norm. Maybe even piloting that second Tomahawk(Eaglehawk) helicopter.


Close up of the figures



Figured it would be nice to get close ups of all the figures.

I don’t know what to call the new figure. She’s made up of a few different figures. Scarlet’s (Rise of Cobra) head, Scarlet (Renegades) torso, Lady Jaye’s(50th) arms and Ninja Combat Viper’s legs.



Cover Girl’s face was one of the more satisfying things I’ve done in a while.  Blue eyes, great eye brows and decent lips. Considering my hands shake. It was miracle it came out. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Bride has actually been finished for a couple of week. Just like showing her off. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Daina from the Oktober Guard was a figure I wanted, but didn’t want to fork over a hundred dollars for her, so I made one for myself, but different enough to be happy with the end result. Lady Jaye(50th) torso, Scarlet (Renegades) arms, Scarlet(Rise of Cobra) legs. Sniper Rifle from Marauder’s Inc. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA