Swivel arm

Starting a new project for materials to hold other things. Today, we’re making that swivel arm. This is the beginning of the arm. This area is where you plug in the device stuff. Next will be adding the middle arm and then we’ll work on the base that plugs into the body itself. I’m going to have to look to make sure it could possibly work with the Raptors and ST-1s.

Fusion 360

Recently I was able to get two 3d printers, XYZ DaVinci Mini W and Minimaker. Mainly to mess around with and do new things. Make things. But if you want to make something you have to build something. And Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is the way to go. There is a learning curve, but after a while, you start to get how things move and making things get easier.

And making things to extend a toyline is fun.

That also means you need to get a caliper measuring tool. It will make getting parts the perfect size in Fusion 360 easy.

Started off making a double joint for an Acid Rain World Laurel. A mech with stubby legs and long arms. The double joint allows a secondary forearm for the mech. Simple design. This was my first practical 3D model.

The practical model was a gattling gun forearm. Which was made in three parts: the body, the barrels and where the arm attaches to the joint.

V1 was a great size, but after looking at the design language set up by Kit Lau, the creator of Acid Rain World, it might be better to go tad nuts. 

The model was increased in size by 1.5 times. The bottom round thing was replaced by a removable ammo drum.

Boy howdy, it was bigger now.

Creating these new things is opening up a new world of fun.

Starting new models for new things.

Will update soon.


Huey Helicopter

My wife found this helicopter at a Bookman’s Bookstore. It’s wonderful 1:18 scale. I might go over it with a black wash to give it a good realistic feel.

She paid $12. Best deal ever.

She also found a Cobra Rage for $5 and there was the End or Attack set for $3.50. The boy took the Rage. On weekends we have battles and he has a complete lack of ground vehicles. This will help him and me since he has a ton of airships that move at fantastic angles.